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A strong relationship with the world’s largest computer and networking distributors has allowed us to offer a wide variety of technology to our clients.  From entry level equipment to high availability needs, we have the knowledge and resources to formulate a solution that will meet and exceed your company’s needs.  The majority of our focus is to provide maintenance and support, so we believe in passing the savings on to you!

In some cases, purchasing a factory assembled PC does not meet the needs of a company or individual seeking specific abilities. Have one of our qualified technician’s custom build your new computer, based on your processing and storage needs. All of our quality custom built computers are also backed by a 1 year parts & labor warranty.

Hardware Virtualizationmanaged-service-solutions-300x241

Implementing an environment with Hyper-V/ VMware solutions will lower your footprint with today’s most widely used virtual technology.  If your network closet is filled with various “servers”, you are interested in lowering your energy bills, or would like the ability to expand your business without purchasing new hardware for each project, virtualization is your answer. ExperTech Solutions can help you eliminate the need for multiple physical servers, reduce your energy consumption and allow for full utilization of your hardware.

Software & Database ApplicationsOffice 365 logo

Which software application is right for you? Our expert technicians can provide support for installation of OEM software and database solutions like Microsoft Office 365, or work with your proprietary software vendor to help with solutions designed for your company’s specific application needs. We work with the developers to make sure your system will run at optimal performance.